All my Favorites

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100_5615Happy Retirement and Father’s Day all in one. Retirement from the Department of Natural Resources represented with the Dept Emblem and all of my stepfathers favorite past times. He loves to work with his hands and has many hobbies represented such as gardening, wood work and bee keeping (despite being quit allergic to bees:)). He loves peanut butter so I made him a chocolate cake with peanut butter butter cream. Yum!

State Retirement

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100_5854A Missouri State Emblem seemed fitting for 30 years of service for the state government retirement party. The emblem was made out of fondant with each piece cut out separately and the lettering stamped on with food coloring. Happy retirement.

Happy Veterans Day

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100_5952                                             Celebration of Veteran’s Day At Socket

This cake was made for a celebration of veterans at Socket. What is more rewarding than making a cake for the individuals who have served our country. Each branch of service was represented with a color flow emblem of that branch. The flag was rolled out of marshmallow fondant as well the Thank You ribbon. Thank you to all those who serve!

Magical Birthday

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100_5534100_5529You only turn 6 once and what’s more magical than a magician birthday party. My son was really into magic at this time and had even performed a magic show for the talent show at his school. It was pretty impressive for a 6 year old. We rented the pavilion at Oakland Park in Columbia and hired Mario Manzini to do a magic show. It was very interactive and fun and my son loved being a part of the act.

For party favors I made white lunch sacks into bunny heads popping out of plastic black top hats for each of the kids and each one got his/her own magic wand.

For the Cake:

The magician hat was made of four, 9 in round cakes stacked and covered in black tinted butter cream and a fondant covered cake board as the top of the hat. All the decorations were crafted out of home made marshmallow fondant.

This was definitely a birthday to remember!

Thank You Teachers

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100_5451                          Teacher Appreciation Week for Blue Ridge Elementary School

We can’t say enough thank you’s for all the teachers do to support and aid our children in their development. There are so many excellent teachers at Blue Ridge and so many other schools in Columbia. Thank you for all you do!!

Pretty In Pink

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100_5521 100_5523                                           Pink and teal wedding in the spring of 2013.

The bride wanted cupcakes but also a tiered cake on top with a combination of chocolate and white cake with butter cream frosting. The top tiered cake was decorated with pink and white fondant roses accented with white edible pearls. The cupcakes had three different decorations. One with rolled butter cream with edible white pearls. Another with a rose swirled with butter cream with two teal flowers and the third also  with a rose swirled with butter cream with a single pink fondant rose.

Apple Blossom Cake

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100_6393We recently had some very close friends that renewed their vows in the catholic church, at Our Lady of Lourdes in Columbia, MO, after he was baptized into the church on Easter. I was honored to make a small cake to celebrate this occasion for them. When I asked them what flavors they liked best, I was surprised but excited by their response of anything lemon and raspberry. I made them a double layered lemon cake with raspberry filling. YUM! I decorated the cake with some simple pink royal icing apple blossoms. It was a very beautiful Easter vigil with many individuals being welcomed into the parish and three other couples besides our friends performing their marriage vows.



Pretty As a Princess Cake

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Princess Castle Cake

My daughter turned three in February this year and loves Minnie Mouse and Princesses so we combined the idea for her birthday party. Everything was pink and purple, just the way she likes it. Her daddy even bought her a beautiful pink princess dress of her own to wear to her special day.

I made the bottom cake a double layer 9″ chocolate and on top of that a 6″ double layer chocolate as well. The towers were all made of vanilla sponge cake and the tops of ice cream cones covered with fondant pink and purple circles.  The path leading to the castle was pink butter cream with edible pink glitter lined with candy coated almonds.

I made sugar cookie cut outs shaped like Minnie mouse for the kids to decorate and eat. What a fun activity and treat.

We had her birthday party at the pavilion at Stephen’s Lake Park and it was the perfect location for all of our family and friends to celebrate our princess’s birthday. It was snowing that day just like the day she was born but the party went on as planned. 100_6250Happy BIrthday LIttle Princess!

Jungle Cookies

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The cookies were made to go along with the theme for my daughter’s second birthday party. My sister-in-law gave me a hand in decorating these sugar cookie cut outs iced with royal icing. What a delicious treat and my daughter loved the fun designs.

Lions and Tigers and Jungle Galore

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I decided to do a jungle theme for my daughter’s second birthday this weekend. I wanted to do this since I figure soon it will be all princess and pink and she loves animals right now. She was so excited to see all the jungle creatures. All the animals are made with fondant as well as the tree tops. The tree trunks are made from ice cream sugar cones and the rocks from reshaped tootsie rolls.The top round cake I made a rainbow cake and the base cake was half chocolate/half vanilla. The cake was delicious and my daughter loved it. Happy Birthday Big Girl!