Triceratops Cake

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This is the biggest, most thought out cake I have made yet. I made this Triceratops cake for my son’s third birthday party. When he saw it for the first time his eye got so big (almost as big as the triceratops eyes). It took about 4 – 8in round cakes and several other odd shaped cakes (mini bundt for the feet and snout and 6 in round for the tapering face). I used three sugar cones for the horns and fondant for the eyes. The entire thing was frosted in butter cream using a star tip ( a little time consuming, but I mostly prefer the butter cream if possible). I regret that I do not have the specific sizes of the cakes and how I constructed it but it was a few years ago. If I recreated it again, I would just have to determine the sizes that would work well together. That is part of the fun of baking 3D cakes.

My son loved dinosaurs at that time and I will never forget how excited he was to see that cake. Seeing his face was like a present for me on his birthday.

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